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Roby's Tattoo shop does professional tattooing since 1992. and is the first legal tattoo studio in Croatia. It is situated in Zagreb, Trešnjevka, Tratinska ulica no 52.

z Alongside Robert as a founder, member of the team in the first two years after the salon was founded was also Marin Urbanc, who is today one of the tattoo masters of the tattoo salon Gandalf. From 1994. member of the team is also tattoo master Siniša Boc.

Tattooing requires high hygienic conditions which our salon abides strictly in order to protect the clients, and keep tattooing on highly professional level. Robys tattoo shop is regularly controlled by Croatian National Institute for Public Health and Sanitary Inspection, which confirms appropriate disinfection and sterilisation of the work tools and the area of the salon itself. Tattooing equipment which we use in our tattoo salon, tools and colours are carefully chosen, top quality and most reliable on the world market of the tattooing equipment.

Besides having unique drawings and great collection of catalogue design, we adjust to desires and respect ideas and suggestions of our clients in making of tattoos. Also we successfully do the repairs and refinishing of the old tattoos.

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Roby's Tattoo shop

Tratinska 52a
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

VATid: 08358891746
Working hours:
Mon. to Fri.: 11:00-19:00
Saturday: 11:00-15:00

Tel./Fax. +385 1 3820 434
Roby:                     Senf:
+385 98 230 643, +385 98 1610 928
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