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Is tattooing dangerous for health?
Does it hurt?
How to choose the tattoo master?
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Does it hurt?

z. Many get scared and start to panic when they hear the sound of the tattooing machine which they automatically associate with the dentist. Dental procedures are incomparably more painful to any tattooing. Tattooing causes an irritable sensation similar to plucking the hairs, or scratching with something sharp, or pinching and tickling. Intensity to the whole spectrum of stimuli depends on the place where you have your tattoo, length of time spent tattooing and your threshold to the stimuli. Most women compare the intensity of pain during tattooing to hair removal by a depilatory machine, similar to the itching and scratching sensation when you cannot adequately respond to a release the tension. It can be said that the first tattooing is a sort of initiation, unpleasant for about the first fifteen minutes, then you get used to it and afterwards can be tattooed for hours. At the second tattooing most people have no fears and do not panic because they know what to expect.

Certain clients have asked why they are not given any anaesthetics during tattooing. We do not give anaesthetics because applying anaesthetics can be very dangerous if someone is allergic to them. Allergy to anaesthetic can even cause anaphylactic shock.

Also by taking analgesics, alcohol and various other drugs you will not be able to reduce the irritation caused by tattooing and it will only aggravate the symptoms. Analgesics can reduce the static pain like headache or toothache but not the pain caused by tattooing because such pain is only temporary. Consuming alcohol and drugs will only make you more sensitive to pain and you will not exude endorphins which are the body’s natural anaesthetics and you will bleed more. If we suspect that you are under the influence of any drug or alcohol you will not be tattooed and you will be asked to leave the studio.




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