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Is tattooing dangerous for health?
Does it hurt?
How to choose the tattoo master?
How to choose the motive?
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What do I have to warn about before being tattooed?
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Which are the styles of the tattoo motives?
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How to choose the tattoo master?

' The tattooist (tattoo master) needs to be a talented drawer in order to be a prominent tattooist within his/her special tattooing style, otherwise s/he will stagnate and will be limited only to the simplest catalogue designs. Every tattooist prefers their own style and themes, which make him/her special amongst other tattooists. Also it is important to say that if someone is famous for their particular style it does not mean that s/he is not equally proficient at the all other styles as well. In most tattoo salons with more tattoo masters all of them are equally proficient, so if you want to choose some motif from the catalogue, like a confectionery motif, it is completely meaningless to ask for a certain master. A Chinese letter is always a Chinese letter regardless of who is making it.

Regarding a certain customary motif (motif by request) or a motif that cannot be categorized into what is often seen, then it is very important to choose the tattoo master you deem most competent for making that tattoo. In order to choose a certain master, check out the photos of their work, either in the tattoo shop or on the internet. Compare them and make a proper evaluation. Also if it is about re-printings of the paintings of the famous painters, illustrators, or from photographs, compare the tattoo with the original. If there are tattoos, re-printings of the same motifs, pictures or photographs of more tattoo masters available for evaluation, compare the one that is the closest replica to the original.




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