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How to choose the motive?

When the tattoo is done you will spend the rest of your life with it, so do not make any hasty decision with regard to the choice of motifs. This will avoid unnecessary regrets later. Since Croatia lacks specialized magazines about tattooing, the occasional articles on tattooing which appear in the newspapers and other media are usually incorrect. The best way to inform yourself is either by reading foreign newspapers on the subject of tattooing, or using the Internet and the web pages like this one and in the tattoo salons themselves.

Choosing the motif for tattooing is an individual matter, regardless of having symbolic, religious or private meaning, or lack of those. When you choose the theme of your motif you need to decide the size and place where the motif will be tattooed. Most people often make the mistake, when choosing their first tattoo, of a motif that is too small or a motif with too many details that in years becomes blurred and unrecognisable. The skin as a painting medium does not allow high level of details, so the motif and the size of it need to be adjusted to the skin and its properties. Also it is very important which part of the body is chosen because certain motifs are not appropriate for all parts of the body. When all the criteria are matched then you can be sure that the right choice is made.




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